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7.3.5 -> 7.3.6 (stable)
May 19, 2007Fixed bug with --mailto not working with printing now enabled by default
May 19, 2007Fixed problem with the Samba filter
7.3.4 -> 7.3.5 (stable)
May 19, 2007New services bfd, zz-runtime, evtsystem, evtsecurity, and evtapplication.
May 19, 2007Default behavior is now to print output which means you will see the report if you run it from the command-line and when run from cron it will be emailed to you by the cron daemon. You can change this through config or command-line options.
7.3.3 -> 7.3.4 (stable)
May 19, 2007Fixed problems with 7.3.3 release
7.3.2 -> 7.3.3 (stable)
May 19, 2007Substantial Postfix improvements and other minor changes and fixes
7.3.1 -> 7.3.2 (stable)
May 19, 2007Better FC5 support (fixed bug with subdirectories under log directories)
May 19, 2007Numerous other filter improvements
May 19, 2007Added dpkg, pix, denyhosts, and php services
7.3.5 -> 7.3.1 (stable)
May 19, 2007Numerous patches applied by Bjorn L and contributed by many, thanks!
7.2 -> 7.2.1 (stable)
May 19, 2007Fixed missing HTML files in RPM
pre7.2 -> 7.2 (stable)
May 19, 2007html/encode code from Mike
May 19, 2007Other misc bug fixes, enhancements, patches
7.0 -> pre7.1 (beta)
May 19, 2007Custom local service filter scripts now supported.
May 19, 2007Expanded duplicate detection of configuration parameters.
May 19, 2007Brought documentation up-to-date to reflect the compliance with Filesystem Hierarchy Standard of version 7.0, as well as the above two changes. The logWatch man page, the README, and HOWTO-Customize-LogWatch have been updated. HOWTO-Make-Filter and HOWTO-Customize-Configuration are no longer applicable.
May 19, 2007New install_logwatch.sh script for those installing directly from tar file (not installing with RPM).
May 19, 2007New dnssec service filter.
pre7.0 -> 7.0 (stable)
unknownFinal release with the new /etc/logwatch directory structure
6.1.2 -> pre7.0 (beta)
unknownNumerous changes, most notably a whole new directory structure.
6.1.1 -> 6.1.2 (stable)
unknownFixed lock-up problem in http filter when using perl 5.6
unknownSmall improvements to clamav filter
6.1 -> 6.1.1 (stable)
unknownMore cleanup and more application of community patches. Thanks everybody, especially Bjorn and Mike!
unknownMore cleanup and more application of community patches. Thanks everybody, especilaly Bjorn!
pre6.1 -> 6.1 (stable)
unknownMore cleanup and more application of community patches. Thanks everybody, especilaly Bjorn!
6.0.2 -> pre6.1 (beta)
unknownMore changes by Bjorn
unknownNew services added: audit, sonicwall, and zz-network (must be enabled in logwatch.conf to make it active)
unknownAdded --numeric to inhibit certain DNS lookups
unknownSignificant improvements for the --range option (run --range help for info)
unknownThis release is courtesy of Bjorn
6.0.1 -> 6.0.2 (stable)
unknownBuild containing numerous bug fixes applied by Bjorn
6.0 -> 6.0.1 (stable)
unknownJust applied a few small cleanup changes
pre6.0 -> 6.0 (stable)
unknownMore consolidated patches from Mike Tremaine for final 6.0 release
5.2.2 -> pre6.0 (beta)
unknownOnce again, added consolidated patches from Mike Tremaine , since I can't seem to get them done!
unknownAdded filters for extreme-networks, saslauthd, and xntpd
unknownAdded tons of changes from a ton of people that Mike Tremaine put together for me.
unknownAdded openvpn and netscreen filters
unknownNew HTML output
unknownBetter multi-platform support
unknownLots of other changes I'm sure that I missed
5.2.1 -> 5.2.2 (stable)
unknownAdded more patches from blues@ds.pg.gda.pl
5.2 -> 5.2.1 (stable)
unknownFew minor bug fixes from 5.2
5.1 -> 5.2 (stable)
unknownAdded check for large user mailboxes
unknownAdded pop3 and imapd filters
unknownUpdated clamav support
unknownNew cisco log filter
unknownTons of updates to existing filters (too many to list!)
pre5.1 -> 5.1 (stable)
unknownMore solaris support and filter enhancements
5.0 -> pre5.1 (beta)
unknownMore Solaris support
unknownTons of filter enhancements sent in by users
unknownAdded filters for shaperd, oidentd, and mailscanner (Solaris)
unknownTons of patches and new options of --splithosts and --multiemail
unknownAdded Yum and Clam-update filters
unknownCouple of patches from blues@ds.pg.gda.pl
4.3.2 -> pre5.0 (beta)
unknownMain script: couple of security fixes and many bug fixes
unknownBasic Solaris support
unknownNow there is a Logwatch.pm that the filters can use common code from
unknownImprovements to numerous filters, especially sendmail
unknownAdded new filters; amavis, clamav-milter, courier, http, postfix, pound, pureftpd, vsftpd
4.3.1 -> 4.3.2 (stable)
unknownJust applied numerous minor patches (most of them from Jim O'Halloran)
4.3 -> 4.3.1 (stable)
unknownFixed an error in the ftpd-messages script that I somehow missed
4.2.1 -> 4.3 (stable)
unknownNumerous minor bug fixes and enhancements
unknownAdded RAID and drive failure notification
unknownAdded smartd service filter
pre4.3 -> 4.2.1 (stable)
unknownFixed missing autorpm filter components
4.1 -> 4.2 (stable)
unknownMore improvments in the kernel script
unknownAdded support for AutoRPM log processing
4.0.1 -> 4.1 (stable)
unknownFixed IP lookup bug in kernel script
unknownSendmail improvements sent in from Alex K
unknownJust some more cleanup as I wanted to get a new stable release out there
unknownFixed Perl warning in Pluto filter
unknownapplied some changes from Eric Gerbier for proftpd filter
unknownFixed formatting of Pluto filter
unknownRemoved use of /bin/date from all scripts (thanks Mark D. Nagel )
unknownAdded afpd service filter
4.0 -> 4.0.1 (stable)
unknownHad to undo the foreign-language fixed in applystddate for sh-utils 2.0.12
unknownHad to take the 'require 5.6.0' line out of sudo filter as Perl 5.8 complains
3.3 -> pre4.0 (beta)
unknownExim script will no longer cause errors if modules don't exist
unknownReworked the method of processing shared scripts
unknownAdded patches from RHL8.0 distribution of logwatch
unknownFixed all current Red Hat Bugzilla issues (bugs 68243 73487 75086 68805 69605 68807 68862 72809)
unknownApplied some wu-ftpd patches submitted by Jay Berkenbilt
unknownNow Logwatch places service delimiters in the output file and service filters no longer need to
unknownDouble-quotes can be used to preserve case in configuration file values
unknownGeneral code cleanup
unknownCan now process logs only from a specified host
unknownAdded a stunnel filter and new Pluto filter
unknownAdded ability to remove services by using '-servicename' in logwatch.conf
unknownFixed bug when using Perl 5.8
unknownAdded much better iptables support
unknownNumerous other bug fixes
3.2 -> 3.3 (stable)
unknownFixes in iptables and sendmail parsing
unknownSome Solaris compatibility changes
unknownAdded arpwatch filter
3.1 -> pre3.2 (beta)
unknownAdded basic iptables support
unknownAdded --logdir and --hostname command-line options
unknownNumerous other bug fixes
pre3.1 -> 3.1 (stable)
unknownFixed possible hanging problem in samba applydate
unknownFixed bug with cron filter not reporting any activity
unknownAdded ipop3d, portsentry, qmail and vpopmail contributed filters
3.0 -> pre3.1 (beta)
unknownSamba filter actually works to some degree
pre3.0 -> 3.0 (stable)
unknownHopefully now properly included the up2date filter!
unknownAdded simple/minimal dhcpd filter
unknownFixed fortune module so it works again
2.9 -> pre3.0 (beta)
unknownUpdated cron filter to handle newer cron daemons
unknownFixed up2date filter
unknownActually properly included the up2date filter
unknownAdded pam_unix filter
2.8.5 -> 2.9 (stable)
unknownCleaned up named, sshd, secure, and proftpd filters
unknownAdded Exim, up2date, and sudo filters
2.8.2 -> 2.8.5 (stable)
unknownAdded filter for syslog entries from the NetGear rt314 router(by Daniel J. Barrett )
unknownAdded an enhanced sendmail filter that also handles messages from the blackhole SPAM filter
unknownLogwatch will now bypass any empty logfiles
2.8.1 -> 2.8.2 (stable)
unknownFixed bad pluto filter in last release
2.8 -> 2.8.1 (stable)
unknownAdded mktemp warning about -d switch if it fails
unknownAdded Pluto filter
unknownFixed bug with xferlog date processing
unknownRemoved some unmatched entries for pro-ftpd
2.7 -> 2.8 (stable)
unknownAdded in.qpopper filter
unknownAdded some more error checking
unknownCleaned up the cron and ftp filters
2.6 -> 2.7 (stable)
unknownSupports multiple copies of the same command (such as *remove) in config files
unknownNo longer requires an = sign when no arguments are given
unknownAdded some more filtering
unknownAdded a $summarize_connections variable for the "secure" service
2.5 -> 2.6 (stable)
unknownNow uses mktemp if available
unknownAdded some filters that were missing from the 2.5 release
2.1.1 -> 2.5 (stable)
unknownImplemented several bug fixes and patches that have been sent in
unknownFixed a possible root exploit using a race condition in /tmp
unknownFixed bugs 46371, 56191, 58578, 61202, 61829, 61831, 61832 from bugzilla.redhat.com
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